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Mobile phones and Ministry in one graphic

In case you have any doubts about the importance of mobile phones in ministry as outlined in these two bullet points for the folks at Internet Evangelism Day scan their infographic which follows.

Are you a second screen person?

The ‘Digital Revolution’ is changing the way we watch TV. Vicky of cyber-soul writes.... We rarely watch without (what people are calling) ‘second screens’. These second screens could be a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop etc. Using two or more screens like this is...

I never thought of Jesus with a cell phone!

This picture from a church site in England got me thinking. Would Jesus use a mobile phone? What about Vincent, Louise, Frederic, or Elizabeth?  They all used the tools of their time. St. Vincent wrote some 30,000 letters! Imagine if he texted! I suspect he would be...

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