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“Bring Good News To the Poor” – Jesus’ Mission Statement

Jesus Mission statement is short. “Bring Good News to the poor.” Six words! They were the most powerful words in his life. What did these words mean to Saints Vincent and Louise? Us?

Leaders reflect on their mission statement

The Leadership Team of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul gather in prayerul reflection on their Mission Statement and provide visual insights into their past and present.

Superior General celebrates at All Hallows Ireland

All Hallows marked the launch of a new Mission Statement (link no longer active) with a ceremony in November 2012. Mass was celebrated by the Superior-General of the worldwide Vincentian Family, Rev Gregory Gay CM. Fr Gegory welcomed the promulgation of the college's...

A Daughter of Charity Postulant’s Mission Statement

My Own Mission Statement Amanda Kern writes... "The Daughters of Charity have a mission - "given to God in community for the service of the poor" - which I try to follow every day. Yet, I think, at my deepest core, I have a different one. It's not one in contrast with...

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