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Articles for Vincentian Lay Missionaries MISEVI

The Heart of a Missionary Disciple

The theme of the last assembly of MISEVI in Salamanca was Disciples and Missionaries. On that occasion Father Hugh O’Donnell gave us a wonderful reflection that we need to deepen more and more.

MISEVI International

A reflection from Monica Villar, who is a member of MISEVI Spain and also a member of the International Coordinating Team of MISEVI International.

Holy Pilgrimage to the Border

In early February, a group of 18 Colorado Vincentian Volunteers, 4 staff began its pilgrimage to the Border of El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico. 

Breaking Down Barriers

How a first-hand visit to a Leprosy Center helps to break down barriers and reveal the humanity and the dignity of each person.

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