Vincentian Prayer Images: Ordinary People Serving From the Midst of Our Lives

Vincent would remind us today that we walk in that tradition today as ordinary people bringing Good News in the midst of our daily lives.

Following Christ the Evangelizer of the Poor Then and Now

Just as the first Vincentians 200 years ago could not have imagined the world they were entering, who of us could have imagined just a generation ago the world in which we are serving.

Woman Appointed Parish Pastoral Care Coordinator – WWVT?

What would St. Vincent think about women having decision-making authority over a team of priests who will be responsible for sacramental ministry?

Ministries – Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth

Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth: COME SEE WHAT THE ... Please take a few minutes to watch this video slideshow that captures some of the different ministries where the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth serve....

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