Memorial Day

What is the Most Important Room In the World?

What is the most important room in the history of the world… and our lives? The Oval Office, Buckingham Palace? … Would you believe a simple “upper room” in Jerusalem! Why? Because in that room on the day we call Pentecost, the most powerful movement in history was...

Memorial Day Virtual Retreat

Busted Halo is offering the following Virtual Memorial Day Retreat which contains some simple ways to go beyond the parades. Remembering those we have lost in the service of country and community Memorial Day weekend we dust off the grill, break out the lawn chairs,...

Remember Memorial Day not because…


Remembering another war and the Daughters of Charity

As we approach Memorial Day a Pennsylvania newspaper salutes the Daughters of Charity   who served as nurses during the Civil War. "When the Daughters of Charity awakened June 27, 1863, the pastoral grounds of their Emmitsburg, Md,. property had become a Union Army...

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