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The Big Hearted (Micah 6:6-8; Rev 14:13; Lk 8:4-15)

This homily was preached at a recent anniversary Mass for Fr. Joseph Daly, C.M. — a Vincentian priest beloved of many,

Playing Favorites? (James 2:1-5)

I knew a close-knit family of 5 personable children, and as they got older, they would kid their mother about having a favorite.

The Word (Deut 4: 1-8; Jas 1:17-27)

I remember a heated conversation between a man who was promising something  to a woman, and the woman to whom the promise was being made. It ended with her exasperated response, “Those are just words.”

In This Together (Joshua 24; John 6)

Our believing is not solitary. The quality of one person’s faith spills over into the religious convictions of all the others.

Given A Break (Ex. 22:20; Mt 22:38-40)

On Listening

“On Listening” (Luke 11: 16, 29-31) One of the most gratifying compliments is to hear that you listen well. It conveys another’s feeling that something of his or her inner self has gotten through, that not just the words but the deeper resonances of those words have...

Given A Break (Ex. 22:20; Mt 22:38-40)

The Ministry of Encouragement

The Ministry of Encouragement (Hebrews 12:1) There’s a wonderfully comforting image in the Letter to the Hebrews which has special application to us in Vincent’s Family. The author sets out to build up his struggling fellow believers and does this through a...

Given A Break (Ex. 22:20; Mt 22:38-40)

Sent Out

“Sent Out” (Isaiah 61:1-2) There was a documentary on TV about the Renaissance, that period of awakening in the history of Europe when a fresh energy flooded into the culture and triggered off a whole new view of the world. The reason for it, as the show presented,...

Given A Break (Ex. 22:20; Mt 22:38-40)

A Life Time of Answering

A Life Time of Answering (Mark 8:27-30) People have wondered about the surprising, almost jarring response Jesus makes to Peter right after this apostle gives the exact right answer to the question, “Who do you say I am?” His reply, “You are the Christ.” But Jesus...

Given A Break (Ex. 22:20; Mt 22:38-40)

The Grace of Visibility

The Grace of Visibility (James 2: 1-5) America Magazine (8/06/18) recently featured an article entitled “Becoming Invisible.” The author observes how in both the early and ending years of life, a person is less visible to the surrounding world. A newly born looking...

Given A Break (Ex. 22:20; Mt 22:38-40)

The Planted Word

The Planted Word (James 1: 17-27) Early in the last century, a boy came home from school to tell his mother how he had thrown snow balls at a homeless man lying drunk in the winter street. Taking him aside, she drove home reasons why he should never demean...

Given A Break (Ex. 22:20; Mt 22:38-40)

Swept Up Into

Swept Up Into (Amos 7: 15-15; Ephesians 1: 10-14; Mark 6:7-9) Years ago I was part of a raft trip down a river that was mostly tranquil but which every once in a while would hit rapids. Then what was a calm, sit-back-and-enjoy-the-scenery stream turned into...

Given A Break (Ex. 22:20; Mt 22:38-40)

Up on Your Feet!

Up on Your Feet! (Ez 2:2   Mark 6:1-6) If you were to paint a picture of the prophet Ezekiel as he first appears in the Bible, you might have him sitting back in a recliner, at peace with himself and confident that the way he saw his world was the way the world truly...

Given A Break (Ex. 22:20; Mt 22:38-40)

Acting For Equality — in Faith

Acting For Equality -- in Faith (2 Corinthians 8:13; Mk 5: 25-34) If you’re looking for a topical subject in the Scriptures, you wouldn’t have to go much further than the one Paul brings up in a request to the Corinthians. He’s asking them to help their poorer...

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