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Articles for McKenna

Stumbling Along ‘The Way’ (Mark 10:35-45)

Most of us know the image backing the word “scandalize;” i.e., somebody tripping over a stone in the road.

The Big Hearted (Micah 6:6-8; Rev 14:13; Lk 8:4-15)

This homily was preached at a recent anniversary Mass for Fr. Joseph Daly, C.M. — a Vincentian priest beloved of many,

Playing Favorites? (James 2:1-5)

I knew a close-knit family of 5 personable children, and as they got older, they would kid their mother about having a favorite.

The Word (Deut 4: 1-8; Jas 1:17-27)

I remember a heated conversation between a man who was promising something  to a woman, and the woman to whom the promise was being made. It ended with her exasperated response, “Those are just words.”

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