Mary’s Meals

Vincentians and Mary’s Meals in Haiti

Miles J. Heinen shares  a  link....The Vincentian Family is working with Mary's Meals in Haiti to province a hot meal to 3,466 children in the Central Plateau around Mirebalais. Have fun watching the video! Mary’s Meals provides meals in schools in Haiti’s largest and...

Mary’s Meals – an idea whose time has come

A few months ago Fr. Robert Maloney wrote of Mary's Meals as an example of systemic change that works. He told the story  …”a simple idea that works by providing a daily meal in a place of education, chronically poor children are attracted to the classroom where they...

Living systemic change – new series

How are ordinary  people changing the systems that have trapped them? The members of the International Commission to Promote Systemic Change offer a new series of stories illustrating lived insights from around the world. Simple ideas that work. In the first of these...

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