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Articles for Marriage

Vincentians of Wherever: Service, Ministry and Marriage

My husband and I have for many years identified ourselves as Vincentians. Mike was formed in the rich Vincentian tradition primarily through faith and service opportunities offered by campus ministry, as well as his academic studies and extracurricular activities, at...

Why Tuesday? – Easter People – Lent Begins with Ashes – Celebrate Family

Why pray and fast on Tuesday? It was a challenge to me as a Vincentian to do more than serve in SSVP and feel good about doing it.

Putting the Saint Back Into Valentine’s Day

Losing your head, literally, to help couples celebrate their love! Beheading is the price Valentine paid many centuries ago. According to legend, he was a priest in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II and his title as the champion of romantic love came as a...

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