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Vincentian youth cry out to advisors

“Walk with us as we deepen our faith!”

Vincentian Marian Youth – St. Louis Review

Rich insights into the past, present and future of Vincentian Marian Youth from the St. Louis Review "We were just wanting a youth ministry, something -- with the support of a priest and the laity -- just to help the kids in the area," said the member of St. Vincent...

Vincentian Marian Youth – Do we dare to live the Gospel?

"Do we dare live the gospel in a more radical manner? asks the lead story in the October Bulletin (JMV Oct2011 ENG) of the VIncentian Marian Youth. "As a result of this encounter with Christ, we live out our faith and we reveal to the world that there is a great value...

Vincentian Youth – Preparing for Systemic Change

The international JMV or Vincentian Marian Youth offers it members these two catechetical reflections in preparation for participation in World Youth Day in Madrid 2011. VINCENTIAN YOUTH AND SYSTEMIC CHANGE 1. An alternative to change the unjust structures that...

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