Robert P. Maloney

How Did St. Vincent Help the Homeless of His Day

You may not believe that one man could do all that Vincent did!

A Daring Prudence – Systemic Change

“… create a Family that looks to the past for inspiration, but is also eager to create a vibrant innovative collaborative future in the service of the most abandoned.” Fr. Robert Maloney

Lenten Reflection: The Spirit Accompanies Us in the Desert

Fr. Robert Maloney, CM, writes: "...I encourage you in Lent to allow the Spirit to lead you into the desert, as Jesus did, that the Spirit might empower you for a renewed mission." Read more in this presentation:   [slideshare...

Lenten Reflection: Two Suggestions, this Lent

Presentation of a classic Lenten Letter of Fr. Robert Maloney, CM.

Formation in The Life And Writings of St. Vincent

Formation in The Life And Writings of St. Vincent

Fr. Robert Maloney writes: “…the letters, documents, and conferences in the fourteen volumes of [St. Vincent de Paul’s] extant works are, for the most part, aimed at the formation of those whom Vincent had gathered together in the service of the poor…” See a timeline of St. Vincent’s principal formational undertakings.

Seeds of Hope available

"Seeds of Hope can be purchased on line through the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.  It is available at on our webpage: , click on “order materials”.  It can also be ordered by email:" For further information about how the book is...

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