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Are You Mentoring?

In listening to the hopes of others, walking at their pace, mentors are simply “paying forward” the blessing they had received.

Everyone Knows How to Listen! … Really?

The task of listeners is not to impose their ideas on the young. It is to help the young see the presence of the Spirit in their hearts and lives.

All our Work Consists in Action

St. Vincent was fond of the classic adage, "Totum opus nostrum in operatione consistit." "All of our work consists in action." Or, again, "All our works end up in action." or, more loosely, "Action is our entire task." This applies to everyone, especially leaders....

“Are you listening?”

As part of her ongoing series devoted to visual prayer digital artist Sr. Ellen LaCapria, D.C. offers another visual aid to enter into contemplation about the art of listening. This image arose from her reflection on Pope Francis’ Gospel of Joy and is the third...
Lynn L’Heureux reflects

Lynn L’Heureux reflects

Being Open – Hear the Shepherd’s Call - Getting your feet wet - Mary A Mother’s love. Dear Vincentian Family:  My prayer for you this week is for patience, understanding and giving up the ugly past.  It is good to keep the wonderful things and memories,...

Vincent learns from a heretic

Vincent learns from a heretic

Rather than simply refuting a Protestant who was attacking the Church Vincent hears the truth of his charge and grows. (Frederic Ozanam had a similar experience.) The following excerpt from an insightful article by Santiago Barquín, CM,  might well lead us to ask...

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