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Articles for L’Heureux

Four Brief Reflections

Service in Hope – “I am among you as one who serves.” (Lk. 22:27)   “There is no better way to insure our eternal happiness than to live and die in the service of the poor, within the arms of Providence and, and in a real renunciation of ourselves by following Jesus...

Listen in Silence – Feel the Joy

Do we really listen? Today’s Inspirational Snippet: God’s voice is waiting in the scriptures, in Christian music, in that spiritual book you’ve got on your table?

Mary Gentle or Tough – Jesus the Person

Mary, Gentle or Tough - Do you ever think of Mary as being tough? I always think gentle, full of grace. Mary is gentle and pious, but at the same time is one tough woman. Not with roughness, but a tough love. Mary is portrayed as meek in pictures and statues and in...

Make Room for Hope – Sharing God’s Love – Holiness – Don’t Worry

Lynn L’Heureux reflects… Make Room for Hope – Sharing God’s Love – Holiness – Don’t Worry

Bloom Where You Are Planted – Servant’s Rules

Build it … Open Our Eyes

Build it - Bread and Wine - Sensitive God – Open Our Eyes Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast – May 6, 2014 Dear Vincentian Brothers and Sisters: In reading stories of our 2 new Saints, I just feel we have to lighten up.  We need to pray more to the saints for...

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