Four Brief Reflections

Service in Hope – “I am among you as one who serves.” (Lk. 22:27)   “There is no better way to insure our eternal happiness than to live and die in the service of the poor, within the arms of Providence and, and in a real renunciation of ourselves by following Jesus...

Listen in Silence – Feel the Joy

Do we really listen? Today’s Inspirational Snippet: God’s voice is waiting in the scriptures, in Christian music, in that spiritual book you’ve got on your table?

Mary Gentle or Tough – Jesus the Person

Mary, Gentle or Tough - Do you ever think of Mary as being tough? I always think gentle, full of grace. Mary is gentle and pious, but at the same time is one tough woman. Not with roughness, but a tough love. Mary is portrayed as meek in pictures and statues and in...

Make Room for Hope – Sharing God’s Love – Holiness – Don’t Worry

Lynn L’Heureux reflects… Make Room for Hope – Sharing God’s Love – Holiness – Don’t Worry

Love them anyway!

Love them anyway!

Dear Vincentian Family:  Let the Holy Spirit come into your life and transform.  Come Holy Spirit fill us, your faithful Vincentians and ignite the fire within us.  Let each of us light that eternal flame and allow the flame to glow brightly to show your love to all...

Love them anyway!

Lynn L’Heureux reflects

Being Open – Hear the Shepherd’s Call - Getting your feet wet - Mary A Mother’s love. Dear Vincentian Family:  My prayer for you this week is for patience, understanding and giving up the ugly past.  It is good to keep the wonderful things and memories,...

Love them anyway!

Vincentians – T.H.I.N.K before you act!

Lynn L’Heureux  reflects on Why are we here?  T.H.I.N.K. before acting –– How do others know? Dear Vincentian Family:   Prayer is a blessing.  We all need to make the time to pray.  Put God number 1 on your agenda.  Before each meeting pray that the discussion will...

A Vincentian reflects on doubt

In this guest post written before the Boston Bombing,  Lynn L'Heureux reflects on "Doubts - God’s Infinite Goodness – Living in Christ - Healing gift/Bread of Life" (Lynn  L’Heureux is Special needs co-coordinator & Advisor of the Society of St Vincent de Paul...

A Vincentian reaction to Francis

A Vincentian reaction to Francis

"We prayed.  The rain stopped.  There was a hush on the crowd.  The new Pope Francis came before us in answer to prayers.  A humble man who knows and has love for those in poverty and all of the faithful.  Praise be to God." writes Lynn L'Heureux, author of the...

What did you give up, Gramma?

"What did you give up for Lent? Which is the topic of my youngest grandchildren, my answer is complicated.  I decided to give more of myself to others in thought word and deed. So last night when they asked again, I told them I gave up hurting others and chose to be...

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