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Four Brief Reflections

Service in Hope – “I am among you as one who serves.” (Lk. 22:27)   “There is no better way to insure our eternal happiness than to live and die in the service of the poor, within the arms of Providence and, and in a real renunciation of ourselves by following Jesus...

Listen in Silence – Feel the Joy

Do we really listen? Today’s Inspirational Snippet: God’s voice is waiting in the scriptures, in Christian music, in that spiritual book you’ve got on your table?

Mary Gentle or Tough – Jesus the Person

Mary, Gentle or Tough - Do you ever think of Mary as being tough? I always think gentle, full of grace. Mary is gentle and pious, but at the same time is one tough woman. Not with roughness, but a tough love. Mary is portrayed as meek in pictures and statues and in...

Make Room for Hope – Sharing God’s Love – Holiness – Don’t Worry

Lynn L’Heureux reflects… Make Room for Hope – Sharing God’s Love – Holiness – Don’t Worry

Self-Righteous or Righteous?

Self-Righteous or Righteous?

Lynn L'Heureux raises some important questions ....Why Pray? -  Self Righteous or Righteous? ––   Do what you Can - Where does your path lead? in her reflections for  Tuesday October 29, 2013 Dear Lord God, our Father in heaven we begin another day.  I pray you show...

Self-Righteous or Righteous?

Who is That Man, Jesus?

In this week's reflection Lynn L'Heureux writes  Who is That Man, Jesus?  – Reaching Out - Be Not Afraid! – Surrender Dear Vincentian Family:  Embrace your day of prayer and be present to others always.  I pray for each of you today. We are not alone.  ‘Lord, I love...

Self-Righteous or Righteous?

The Good Life – Eye of the Needle

In her weekly column for the Vincent dePaul Society in Calgary Lynn L'Heureux writes of ... More Than one Way – Living the Good Life - Getting through that needle – Going the Extra Mile More Than One Way – I am sorry this was missed last week and so I add it today. ...

Self-Righteous or Righteous?

Know and conquer your Giants

Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast Tuesday September 24, 2013 We must pray for peace.  Almost 100 Christians killed in Pakistan and many injured including children.  Continued killing in Nigeria.  So much violence against the innocent!  Pray for those mourning the loss...

Self-Righteous or Righteous?

Courage to be humble

 "Do you have the courage to be humble?" is one of the questions Lynn L'Heureux raises in her weekly Vincentian Reflection. Then there is a question of whether hope is on your "A" list. And is it true that "Never" ruins progress? "Should be offer things up?" Do you...

When life gets stormy

We have a choice, give your heart, time, self

"We Have a Choice - Give your Heart – Give your Time – Give yourself" writes  Lynn L'Heureux in her weekly Vincentian reflection. (9/3/2013) Greetings, prayers and all good things I pray for my dear Vincentian Family.  You truly are my strength.  Pray today for our...

When life gets stormy

Putting faith in action – Lynn L’Heureux

In this week's edition Lynn L'Heureux reflects on The Light of Faith - Our Faith in Action – Get ready and Come to the Feast.  Dear Vincentian Brothers and Sisters:  Let us pray for the entire Vincentian Family around the world and pray for our priests, deacons,...

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