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Systemic Change and the “Living Dead”

Systemic Change in the Maryam Village Ethiopia where "the dead lived with the dead".  (Second in a new series of Vincentian Family Systemic Change Efforts) Fifty eight families, all victims of Hansen’s disease (leprosy), who begged for years in order to survive can...

Daughters of Charity looking after “Churchyard children”

For the last forty years, the “Daughters of Charity” have been looking after children from the poorest families in Addis Ababa. Church in Need describes these modern day ministers to lepers and outcast families. There is a churchyard near the school of the Daughters...

The Tall Woman : Sr Gabriel Cubitt DC OBE

On Thursday, February 17, 2011, Daughters of Charity across Sydney gathered together for the launch of a book “The Tall Woman” Sister Marie Gabriel Cubitt DC, OBE  who cared for the lepers and orphans in Ethiopia. She lived from 1897 until 1989 and was honored as a...

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