John the Baptist

Father Maloney Presents: Four Perspectives on Advent

Take some time to stop and reflect this Advent, using these four SlideShares based on reflections by Fr. Robert Maloney, C.M. on Mary, Joseph, John the Baptist, and Isaiah. They are brief; the longest one is just 16 slides. They can be viewed on your phone or iPad, or...

John the Baptist, Vincent and consecration

Considering Consecrated Life: Patrick Griffin, CM reflects on St. John the Baptist, Vincent and Consecration

Late then, late now?

Second Sunday of Advent (B), December 7, 2014 – Is 40, 1-5. 9-11; 2 Pt 3, 8-14; Mk 1, 1-8 Hastening the coming of the day of God (2 Pt 3, 12) The Good News is, by definition, new. But it is also ancient; in the beginning it was with God. The Good News begins with the...

Formation Friday – Vincentian Advent

Four Advent reflections in Powerpoint form based on the Fr. Robert Maloney’s reflections on the persons of Joseph, Mary, John the Baptist and Isaiah.

Pope “Surrounded by modern martyrs”

Pope “Surrounded by modern martyrs”

RomeReports  - "During the Angelus, Pope Francis talked about modern day martyrs. He explained that just like John the Baptist, defended truth before the powerful, Christians too need to speak out and do the same. He specifically called on young people to not be...

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