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Five characteristics of Vincentian Spirituality?

The Vincentian Charism, Vincentian Spirituality and our Way of Life Juan Patricio Prager, CM, Province of Ecuador, offered these five characteristics of Vincentian Spirituality during the Latin American Encounter of the Vincentian Family (FaViLa), Guatemala – March...

First report/photos from Vincentian Family in Latin America (FaViLa)

First report/photos from Vincentian Family in Latin America (FaViLa)

Shadow side of the Vincentian Charism

The "shadow side" refers to an area where little light falls. It is often used to refer to aspects of ourselves which we often are not aware of or reflect on. Fr. John Prager, CM on the difficulties many serving those who live on the margins face but rarely reflect...

Reflections on the Renewal of Vincentian Spirituality

John Prager, CM writes... "This article is meant as a reflection on the renewal of Vincentian spirituality. It is not an historical study of the spirituality of Vincent de Paul. That work has already been done by more competent historians and students of spirituality....

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