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Watered down Resurrection doesn’t work

Jim Martin SJ has a thoughtful reflection  on Why a watered-down Resurrection doesn't work. The Resurrection may be the hardest thing for people to accept about Christianity. Some agnostics embrace Jesus as a compassionate sage. Seekers, if they’re closer to belief,...

The not so social gospel

James Martin offers a tongue in cheek version of this newly discovered not so social gospel. The Lazy Paralytic The Very Poorly Prepared Crowd The Rich and Therefore Blessed Young Man The Lazy Paralytic 1. When Jesus returned to Capernaum after some days, it was...

Christian response to death of Bin Laden

America Magazine's James Martin offer these thoughts in a longer article../ As someone who worked at Ground Zero in the days and weeks following 9/11 I rejoiced to hear that Osama Bin Laden’s long reign of terror, which had dealt death, destruction and untold misery...

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