J. Patrick Murphy

How Much Can We Learn from Vincent to Make a Difference Today?

Last January J. Patrick Murphy, CM presented me with a pre-publication copy of a little book he had just completed - "Mr. Vincent" - which you can download here. He wrote "My purpose here is to show in a few pages how much Vincent accomplished and how much we can...

Why Bother About a Man who Lived 400 Years Ago?

Why bother about a man who lived 400 years ago? Why are so many people all over the world on fire with passion to follow in his footsteps? As we approach another celebration of the feast of St. Vincent it seems fitting to look at these two questions raised in J....

Am I Open to Be Mentored?

“Am I ready to be mentored?” Or am I too comfortable in my present stage of growth?

Ever Written Something You Have Regretted?

Even Vincent regretted things he had written! Much ink has been spilled over whether Vincent was really captured by pirates as a young man. There was a period in his life that we know little about… and St. Vincent adamantly did not wish anyone to know about it. At...
What was it like to learn from Vincent?

What was it like to learn from Vincent?

You have seen the graphic for this series. What was is like to sit across the table from Vincent and learn from him? Each Tuesday the more pastorally concerned clergy would gather to learn from Vincent. Abelly states that more than 12,000 ordinands made their retreats...

Do Vincentians have the smell of sheep?

Do Vincentians have the smell of sheep?

Few visitors to the Internet have not read about Pope Francis telling priests to “be shepherds with the smell of sheep." “The priest who seldom goes out of himself … misses out on the best of our people, on what can stir the depths of his priestly heart. … This is...

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