Papa Francis, The Prodigal, and “the Good Son.”

How do you feel about Pope Francis’ style? It is no secret that his now famous  interview has provoked quite a variety of reactions, frequently serving as a kind of Rorschach test. Dr. Gregory Popcak come to grips with his own reactions when he writes "I recently had...

The Pope Francis Interview

So many words! So much spin! All set in motion by a 10,000 word interview with Pope Francis. No doubt the torrent will pick up pace. In places the interview seems to echo the words of another Pope some 50 years ago. “Scrape the barnacles of history off the bottom of...

Interview with Fr. Gregory Gay, CM (2)

On occasion of his visit to Paris in May 2013 Thomas Zielinski of met Fr. Gregory Gay CM, Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission. In part two Fr. Greg shares his reflection on Pope Francis after concelebrating a Holy Mass in Vatican; recalls...

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