Articles for Humility

August 12: St. Louise’s Birthday

A one-minute video presenting some of St. Louise’s thoughts on the theme of humility.

The reality of Vincentian Virtues in our lives

The reality of Vincentian Virtues in our lives

Lent 2015: Walking the Way of Reconciliation, Peace, and Humility

My theme for this Lenten reflection centers on reconciliation, peace, and humility, which I chose after insights I gained in pastoral visits I made to apostolates of the Daughters of Charity in South Korea, Nagasaki, Japan, and Mauritania and Tunisia, Africa.

Formation Friday – Vincentian Virtues and Charism

How would you answer these questions in a paragraph or two: What kinds of virtues should the followers of Vincent and Louise be known for? What is the Spirituality of Louise?… Elizabeth?... Frederic? Is there a Vincentian Christology? What is the place of Mary in the...
Courage to be humble

Courage to be humble

 "Do you have the courage to be humble?" is one of the questions Lynn L'Heureux raises in her weekly Vincentian Reflection. Then there is a question of whether hope is on your "A" list. And is it true that "Never" ruins progress? "Should be offer things up?" Do you...

The language of Francis … and Vincent

According to someone who knows him well,  the Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires, Francis' actions reveal  five characteristics of Francis -  simplicity, approachability, continuity and fidelity to the Magisterium, tenderness and service. Those who know him closely say...

VIncent’s humble way of acting

The words of Vincent's secretary, Brother Robineau  invite us to deeper reflection on the manner in which Vincent practiced humility. Here In part two  Juan Corpus Delgado  CM presents Vincent de Paul, a humble man, from five different perspectives: Vincent recognized...

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