Housing First Program

City in Canada eliminates homelessness

William Graham of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Peel North Particular Council, Canada shares this story and wonders what Vincentians think of this idea. After all, who would not want to save $80,000 per homeless person per year while ending homelessnes in the...

How one city cut 30 million per year from homeless budget

In 2005, Salt Lake city was spending $40 million to address chronic homelessness. Several years after starting the Housing First program, in 2013, spending was down to $9.6 million. And more importantly, chronic homelessness has dropped 72 percent.

Homelessness declines with new thinking

“Instead of trying to fix all the problems that homeless people have while they are homeless, [housing first] gets them into housing right away, then they end up taking care of a lot of other problems from a stable home”.

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