Articles for Honduras

Presence of the Congregation of the Mission in Sangrelaya (Honduras)

Fr. Joseph Curla, a missionary of the Congregation of the Mission of Slovakian origin, presents in this short video the reality of the area where they are serving the people of God on the northeastern coast of Honduras.

Pigs, Social Economy and Systemic Change in Honduras

During my last pastoral visit to the village of La Sabana I had the opportunity to share with them and learn about an interesting experience.

Job Fair – A Vincentian Initiative For Work Reentry (Honduras)

During these days we often hear people say: the time of crisis is a time of opportunity.

Interview with Pedro Azcárate: A Lay missionary in Honduras for the Past Eighteen Years

Pedro Azcárcate, a lay Spanish missionary, arrived in Honduras in order to serve there for two years. He has now served in the Diocese of San Pedro Saul for eighteen years.

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