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Pigs, Social Economy and Systemic Change in Honduras

During my last pastoral visit to the village of La Sabana I had the opportunity to share with them and learn about an interesting experience.

Job Fair – A Vincentian Initiative For Work Reentry (Honduras)

During these days we often hear people say: the time of crisis is a time of opportunity.

Interview with Pedro Azcárate: A Lay missionary in Honduras for the Past Eighteen Years

Pedro Azcárcate, a lay Spanish missionary, arrived in Honduras in order to serve there for two years. He has now served in the Diocese of San Pedro Saul for eighteen years.

Hurricane Eta in Honduras: Floods, Destruction and Death

Since Tuesday, November 3, Hurricane Eta made landfall on the Nicaraguan coast, creating a drama of great proportions for the neighboring country, Honduras.

Toys as systemic change?

Toys as systemic change?

How do you take down poverty? One toy block at a time." In Honduras, where 64% of the population lives below the poverty line, a for-profit business, Tegu Toys, is improving the quality of its employees’ lives, creating more jobs as it grows, and giving families a...

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