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Articles for Homelessness

Embracing the homeless in a network of charity!

We are celebrating three years of the “13 Houses” Campaign!

Homeless Persons and “Listening”

We all know Pope Francis is advocating for “listening church.” How might listening apply in our efforts with the homeless community?

Father Pedro Opeka, CM Nominated for Council of Europe Award

Father Pedro Opeka, CM has been nominated to the Raoul Wallenberg Award of the Council of Europe.

The “13 Houses” Campaign Already Changing Lives in Ireland

Noel was at home, looking forward to a quiet Christmas with his little dog, Rosie, when he got the crushing news from his landlord — Noel had to leave his home…

Depaul International and Ukranian homeless

Depaul Kharkiv expands to support more homeless people in need across Ukraine. A subsidiary charity of Depaul International, has begun work in Odessa southern Ukraine, expanding its services outside of Kharkiv (Ukraine’s second largest city) for the first time since...

IPad and the homeless?

So how could an iPad (or similar tablet) help a homeless person find permanent housing? The website Poverty Insights offers some suggestions how access to an iPad could be life changing. For many people who encounter homeless persons on a daily basis, a handheld...

Poverty training

Understanding what it is like to be poor takes first hand knowledge. You have to experience it. If you’ve never been poor, you have no idea how hard it really is. Poverty is greatly misunderstood. It is a cycle that sucks people in and doesn’t want to let them go. For...

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