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Forgotten Truths about Confirmation and St. Vincent

Have you forgotten the names of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit… and some truths about how St. Vincent lived then in mission? Let’s look at the prayer “Come Holy Spirit in that light.”

Jesus Promised the Disciples the Explosive Power of “Dynamite”

The word “power” that Jesus used when He told His disciples, “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you…” has the same Greek root as the English word “dynamite.”

St. Vincent de Paul: Apostle of the Holy Spirit

Here we are living in the 400 anniversary year of the Vincentian charism. This is a time of renewal and grace. 1617 was the year in which Vincent received the Holy Spirit and obeyed the Holy Spirit in order to make a radical change in his life. It was the same Spirit...

Service in the Holy Spirit

Service is the fundamental attitude that governs the whole of human life. Service belongs to the Holy Spirit, who offers himself a loving union between the Father and the Son, as well as the union of all in God. Service is also a basic choice and a goal to live for...
Pat Griffin CM – A Free Spirit

Pat Griffin CM – A Free Spirit

And so, the Spirit is free. From the view of that Spirit, “liberal” and “conservative” must and do tend in the same direction. As persons consecrated by that divine presence, we pray for her outpouring in our lives and ministries as Pentecost comes upon us.

Pope – don’t turn back the clock

Pope – don’t turn back the clock

Under the heading "Pope: 2nd Vatican Council, work of Holy Spirit but some want to turn back the clock" Vatican Radio reports on his attitude and words regarding Vatican II. Pope Francis said the Holy Spirit pushes people and the Church forward but we resist this and...

Holy Spirit and the Cardinals

Holy Spirit and the Cardinals

As Pope Benedict devotes himself to a life of prayer it may be more important than ever to pray not only for him but also those who will choose his successor. We like to think that every Pope is picked by the Holy Spirit. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was asked on...

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