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Immediate Aid for Haiti

The SSVP, together with the Daughters of Charity and the entire Vincentian Family, are supporting their neighbours in Haiti from the outset with aid for basic needs.

500 Households Assisted by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Haiti During the Pandemic

Vincentians of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul step up to help the most vulnerable households, raising awareness among people to avoid the spread of the virus, especially in the fringe areas.

The Silent Work of the Daughters of Charity in Haiti

Haiti is a place where poverty abounds and where the Sisters receive the eternal gratitude of people who love them.

VFHI: Collaboration in Haiti

On May 24, 2017, more than a year and a half of dreaming and planning among members of the Vincentian Family came to fruition with the arrival of Frs. Frank Conkle, S.T. and Jaime Serrano, S.T. to Haiti.  It was the most recent step in collaborative efforts among the...

Using games to combat poverty in Haiti

A different kind of systemic change project? Many people have heard of the games FarmVille, Mafia Wars, and Zynga Poker. What many people, gamers and nongamers, might not know is that Zynga gamers have raised nearly $3 million for Haiti since  October 2009. But as the...

Great news from Zafen! Getting it done!

"MercyCorps is lending 50% of the outstanding loan amounts to all Zafen projects currently on the site, up to 15,000 dollars. Their generosity is made possible thanks to support from Western Union, and because no current loan requests exceed $30,000, each loan will be...

When does change begin in Haiti?

"Until people affected by hardship can put their own efforts behind their recovery, change never really begins. " So writes a Zafèn lender the anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. From a Zafèn press release... As the world’s attention returns to Haiti to mark a...

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