Articles for Guatamala

AIC Assembly in action

The graphic tells much of the story of the AIC Assembly in Action as it focused on its strengths and moves forward toward its 400th anniversary. Acts ASD 2015 - EN-Text-NB Program for the 2015 Assembly in Guatemala  Monday, March 23 - We all have our unique strengths...

Final images from FaViLa

Final images from FaViLa

FaViLa Day 4 – Vincentian Family Collaboration

This day was focused on the Collaboration Program. The Collaboration Project International team spoke about VFCAP (Vincentian Family collaborative action program.)

Spring break and the Vincentian Mission

New Salem, Pa, Denver, Colorado, San Lucas Tliman, Guatamala - Dedicating their time and talents to make the world a better place, 32 students from the Queens and Staten Island campuses spent this past Spring Break serving others in the United States and abroad....

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