Vincentian Prayer Images: God Speaking To Our Hearts

How often do we thank God for speaking to our hearts?

From Value to Virtue: Abelly’s take on Vincent’s Sense of Gratitude

Although it's not one of the "traditional" Vincentian virtues, gratitude is foundational for the Christian and Vincentian life. Louis Abelly, biographer of St. Vincent de Paul, wrote: He [Vincent] used to say that nothing was so efficacious in winning the heart of God...

Live in Gratitude: Imperatives for Mature Discipleship

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating in the U.S.A. Here's something to ponder: Live in gratitude: To be a saint is to be fueled by gratitude, nothing more and nothing less. Let no one deceive you with the notion that a passion for truth, for church, or even for God...

A Gratitude Retreat from Busted Halo

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to exercise our gratitude muscles. BusterdHalo offers a way for us to join together to take stock of our many blessings and give thanks. A Gratitude Retreat. Let’s not take gratitude for granted.

Gratitude – a two-edged sword

Gratitude – a two-edged sword

A piece in the Harvard Business Review "We Could Be Better at Giving Thanks" points to a disconnect on gratitude... Although people say they want to be thanked more often at work, fewer than 50% of Americans polled for the John Templeton Foundation, a philanthropic...

Christmas Cards…. images of friends

Christmas Cards…. images of friends

Before You Get Rid of Those Christmas Cards…. Susan Stabile writes, "As I was contemplating putting away all of the Christmas ornaments, I was reminded of the opening of Fr. Rolf Tollefson’s sermon on January 1. He shared that he had been spending time the last...

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