Binge-watching the Gospel of Mark?

BInge-watching viewers report a greater understanding and knowledge of the show and character development, versus viewers who don’t binge-watch. Might that be true if we “binge-read” the Gospel of Mark?

Working For the Credibility of the Gospel During Lent

Saint John Paul II said to Vincentians in 1986 “ …search out more than ever, with boldness, humility, and skill, the causes of poverty and encourage short and long-term solutions; adaptable and effective concrete solutions. By doing so, you will work for the...

Surprised by the Word of God – Pat Griffin, CM

In “Surprised by the Word of God” Father Pat Griffin continues his reflections in the series "Considering Consecrated Life" Twice each week I have the opportunity to be the main celebrant at our daily masses at St. John’s University. Our normal practice involves...

The world according to FamVinEs

The gospel turns things upside down! https://www.facebook.com/famvines
The Gospel according to NCIS

The Gospel according to NCIS

Guest post - The Good Kind of Hit and Run (or Spiritual Lessons from NCIS) OK, I admit that I watch (at least when I’m home and not otherwise occupied) NCIS. While I have no particular interest in military criminal investigations, I enjoy the camaraderie and...

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