Now on Social: Get a feed reader for your favorite sites

Do you have favorite sites you go to regularly to feed your soul or keep you updated? Allison Gingras writes, Do you remember where you saw that great article on … well anything, really? I can barely remember where I put my shoes most days never mind keeping straight...

Twitter as Your Organizer

If you really want to make the most of Twitter, you should treat it like a typical newspaper: Each subject matter should be split up into a different section. While Twitter has offered the ability to curate Lists around specific topics for a long time, they have...

Feed yourself with “Feedly”

The Vincentian Family is all over the web. Simply browsing all .famvin has to offer can take days. So, you're a busy person, and it can be tough to keep up. But our sites (famvin.org, vinformation, etc.) produce a helpful little thing called RSS. Here's the simplest...

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