Statement of the Vincentian Family in the Face of Racial Discrimination

As members of Vincentian Family, we do not want to nor should we remain impassive in the face of the discrimination that millions of people still suffer today.

Happy Women’s Day: Check out “Herstory” on .famvin

Click to read all articles tagged "herstory"here on .famvin!   Herstory[1.Jane Mills, "Womanwords: a dictionary of words about women", 1992, ISBN 0-02-921495-5, p. 118] : history (knowledge obtained by inquiry) written from a feminist perspective, emphasizing the...

Registration to the Film Festival “Finding Vince 400”

Finding Vince 400 is a free film arts festival where anyone can attend! Come see  a personal diverse program of international stories that will change your perspective on poverty. Located at the Centro Mariapoli in Castel Gandolfo, Italy October 18-21.  The event is...

Symposium of the Vincentian Family 2017

"I believe it is a gift from God to us to be able to celebrate this event together with Pope Francis, who will join us on Saturday, October 14. We are also privileged to have the reliquary with the Heart of St. Vincent, which has begun its journey throughout the...
A Vincentian Twitter Chat #famvin400

A Vincentian Twitter Chat #famvin400

You see the hashtag on Twitter every week: #famvin400. This tag can be used for a Twitter chat, one of the best examples of community building on Twitter. The topic of the chat: What are people saying about the 400th anniversary of the Vincentian charism? As we...

#IamVincent: Learning to Serve

#IamVincent: Learning to Serve

Learning to serve is the motto of VinFormation! Double-click the video to watch in full screen... https://youtu.be/ga2l-BX3Xl8 “Learning to Serve”, also known as “VinFormation” is... Learning to serve those living in poverty Changing our ways of thinking about how we...

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