Wonder What Makes a Homeless Advocate Tick?

She is not a household name in the world or even in her native Italy. But she is well known by the homeless of Turin, Italy. Her story is a fascinating insight into what makes her an advocate for the homeless tick.

“Vincentians without borders” – Meeting of the Confraternity of Translators

Last July 9 at 3PM, Peru's local time, the first meeting of the Confraternity of Translator's was held. This gathering included the participation of men and women from every age group and from many different countries such as Lebanon, Poland, Peru, Brazil, Mexico,...

Finding Jesus’ Footprints Today

We live in a post-Ascension world where Jesus no longer walks among us. Or does he? If we are the Body of Christ then our footprints are his footprints.

Roving Reporters Wanted

We would love to have you as a reporter at .famvin. Start doing audio and video interviews, taking pictures of events and send them!

FAMVIN goes mobile! (And why)

FAMVIN goes mobile! (And why)

The English language portion of famvin has just converted to a mobile device format ...phones, tablets, etc. (Don't worry... it still works quite well on a desk top!) Since by the end of 2013  there will be more smartphones surfing the web than there will be PCs and...

+ Patricia Tryon – Famvin collaborator

+ Patricia Tryon – Famvin collaborator

I was traveling when I received the sad news and am grateful to Toma in Poland for sharing this beautiful tribute to a very special person and early collaborator in the Famvin project. I can only echo his post and its conclusion... "Patricia! We will miss you!" "It is...

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