Wonder What Makes a Homeless Advocate Tick?

She is not a household name in the world or even in her native Italy. But she is well known by the homeless of Turin, Italy. Her story is a fascinating insight into what makes her an advocate for the homeless tick.

“Vincentians without borders” – Meeting of the Confraternity of Translators

Last July 9 at 3PM, Peru's local time, the first meeting of the Confraternity of Translator's was held. This gathering included the participation of men and women from every age group and from many different countries such as Lebanon, Poland, Peru, Brazil, Mexico,...

Finding Jesus’ Footprints Today

We live in a post-Ascension world where Jesus no longer walks among us. Or does he? If we are the Body of Christ then our footprints are his footprints.

Roving Reporters Wanted

We would love to have you as a reporter at .famvin. Start doing audio and video interviews, taking pictures of events and send them!

Gail Rieth – 7th Anniversary

Today marks the seventh anniversary of the untimely death of an early collaborator in various FamVin projects. Sr. Gail Rieth RSM had just hit her stride in developing formation resources for FamVin when, still in her 50's, she was hit by a perfect storm of health...

What did Pope say and do?

It seems as if the media can not get enough of Pope Francis. FamVin has been no exception. Since his election as Pope FamVin has post some 80 articles with the identifying tag "Pope". Many of these posts have highlighted what he has said ... done... that resonate with...

2013 – FamVin themes

2013 – FamVin themes

The following represents a list in alphabetical order of the more commonly used article tags on FamVin news during 2013. Click on any of them to explore what FamVin reported on. Vincentian Family Branches CM Daughters of Charity  Federation JMV LCUSA Sisters of...

It’s good to be back!

Shepherding the migration of close to 30 sites in some 6 languages under the umbrella of VinFormation is no easy task and I would like to publicly thank Beth Nicol for doing exactly that. Yes, FamVin is much more than just a news site. If you haven't explored beyond...

2013 – FamVin themes

FAMVIN top ten searches

Among the top 2012 searches on the various sites of the FAMVIN project... Most popular Vincentian posts on Famvin News       Searching for quotations St. Vincent quotes       Searching for information on the Vincentian Family Vincentian Family Calendar Vincentian...

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