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Trinity – Problem To Be Solved Or Mystery to be Lived

For me, it has been a journey from thinking of the Trinity as a puzzle to be solved to realizing the Trinity is a model for my life.

Recognizing the Body Of Christ Today

Gradually I became aware of the Body of Christ frozen in time in Michelangelo’s masterpiece, The Pieta.

Corpus Christi and the Case for Change

As you prepare to celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi, have you ever thought of how it provides the underpinnings for systemic change?

Trinity – From Puzzle To Be Solved To Model To Be Lived

It has been a journey from Trinity as a puzzle to Trinity as a model for my life.

Following the words of Francis

Following the words of Francis

FamVin visitors have asked about  ways of keeping up with the words of Pope Francis. The Vatican News Service provides a handy collection of highlights of the daily meditations of Pope Francis during his morning Mass in the Santa Marta Chapel from the reports by...

Global, simultaneous Eucharistic Adoration

Global, simultaneous Eucharistic Adoration

Technology opened up a new experience of the universality of Church when millions around the world were able to join in Eucharistic adoration with Pope Francis. RomeReports writes. "It was five o clock in the afternoon in Rome, when the Eucharistic Adoration began in...

Eucharist with/without borders

Eucharist with/without borders

Border Mass offered for immigrants, victims of drug cartel violence.  More than 500 people from the Catholic dioceses of El Paso, Texas, Las Cruces in New Mexico and Ciudad Juarez in Mexico participated in the annual Dia de los Muertos Mass on the Border Nov. 2....

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