Articles for Escaño

Systemic Change Workshop – Final Day

That’s exactly the genius of St. Vincent! He created a system of helping the poor or organized charity rather than individual charity work. St. Vincent de Paul National Awards recognize those who walk in these footsteps.

Systemic Change Workshop – Day 5

These last 2 days of our workshop will be dedicated to train the trainors and an important consideration in systemic change explained to us was about Fund-raising. Jim Claffey beautifully stressed that it is a ministry

Systemic Change Day 4 – Immersion

Today was Immersion Day  for participants in the Systemic Change workshop in the Philippines– a special time of encounter with the community members of the Southville Relocation Site in Cabuyao, Laguna, a place which has become very much a vital part of Adamson...

Systemic Change Day 3 – Essentials

The 3rd day for the Systemic Change Philippines Workshop “Systems Thinking in a Nutshell” and “Essential Elements of Systemic Change” followed by examples from around the world and at home in the Philippines.

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