175th Anniversary of SSVP in England

In 1844, thirteen men met in the Sabloniere Hotel in Leicester Square, London and agreed to form a Conference of the “Brotherhood of St Vincent de Paul.”

What does being a Vincentian mean to me? #IamVincent

​When I first signed up to be a Vincentian Volunteer, I must confess that I did not completely understand what it meant to be a Vincentian. I knew that it had to do with St. Vincent de Paul who spent his life serving the poor and less fortunate, and that was enough...

What’s a Mini-Vinnie?

The Vincent dePaul Society of England and Wales responds 'Mini Vinnies' are children aged between 7 to 11 (or younger) who, with the permission of their parents and the support of their Schools, are encouraged to embark on their first steps as possible 'Vincentians...

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