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The Pope’s new home with the Daughters

In this guest post Sr. Denise LaRock, DC offers more insights into the role of the Daughters of Charity and the Pope's new home. Pope Francis has chosen to live with the Daughters of Charity at St. Martha House on the Vatican property.   The virtues which the...

History of Daughters of Charity serving Popes

The Daughters of Charity site writes ... "Saint Vincent and Saint Louise wanted the Daughters of Charity to be Daughters of the Church and Daughters of the Parish. Wherever they were sent, they worked in the ministry of the local church, “for the pleasure of God.” "At...

Pope’s residence run by Daughters of Charity

A friend wrote ..."the Domus Sanctae Martae — or, Casa Santa Marta in Italian — is run by the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul. So, it would seem to be a great honor for the entire "Vincentian Family," worldwide, that the simplicity of the Daughters'...

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