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Articles for discernment

A Vincentian Minute: Vincentian Discernment, Part 2

Fr. Rooney lets us know the most difficult step or attitude in discernment!

A Vincentian Minute: Vincentian Discernment

Fr. Aidan R. Rooney, C.M. presents: “Discernment is a prayer-filled process through which each of us can discover the difference between what is my will and what is God’s Will.”

St. Vincent’s Spiritual Way: the Process of Discernment in Daily Life

Fr. Hugh O’Donnell defines discernment as a process by which the Spirit calls us to use our freedom to act in a certain way. He defines it as “a choice, not between good and evil, but between two or more goods.”

How Do I Know What To Do Next Year?

Knowing what to do comes by a process called discernment. part of that process is listening to the stories of others. So listen (well, read....) My Experience by Stephanie Williams, Vincentian Service Corps - West Working at St. Vincent School has been a whirlwind of...

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