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Articles for discernment

How Do I Know What To Do Next Year?

Knowing what to do comes by a process called discernment. part of that process is listening to the stories of others. So listen (well, read....) My Experience by Stephanie Williams, Vincentian Service Corps - West Working at St. Vincent School has been a whirlwind of...

A Prayer Practice for Discernment

The following is a discernment technique to help you examine your day, to see if you can discover how God is calling you.

Singing on Social: A Discernment Reflection

In a new video to aid in religious discernment, Daughters of Charity Liz Sjoberg and Brenda Fritz make music together. It's a beautiful piece.

Do Something You Love

Earlier this month one of the Colorado Vincentian Volunteers mentioned that she likes to read the blog at Humans of New York. I do, too. Its founder, Brandon Stanton, was at St. John's University the other day and his presentation was highlighted on the St. John's web...

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