Vincentian Discernment in Daily Life by Fr. Hugh O’Donnell, C.M.

Fr. Hugh O’Donnell, C.M. explores “discernment” as “a choice, not between good and evil, but between two or more goods.”

Hosting a “Vincentian Family Day of Discernment”

You can host a local area “Vincentian Family Day of Discernment”. Here’s how!

A Vincentian Minute: Vincentian Discernment, A Final Note

Fr. Rooney wraps up this little series by explaining how Vincentian principles of discernment must be applied to organizations as well.

A Vincentian Minute: Vincentian Discernment, Part 4

Fr. Rooney’s teacher, Sr. Loretto Gettemeier, D.C., told him, “We must respond to needs. That is a question of conscience. To know that something must be done and to remain passive and unresponsive is to fail to respond to God’s Will making itself known to us through events.”

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