Daybreak, DePaul USA: Homelessness Has No Place In Macon

“The people change, but the numbers stay the same.” Martel said. “Homelessness isn’t a group of 200 people. We see about 1,500 people a year at Daybreak. There’s not a lot of variation, but it kind of proves the point that poverty in Macon is a big issue.” Close your...

Daughter of Charity – Person of the Year

It may not be Time's Person of the Year but it was The Telegraph's  recognition of the work done by Sr. Theresa Griem, DC at Depaul USA's Daybreak Center in Macon, Georgia. Sister Elizabeth Greim once resisted the life she now relishes. But now she finds herself...

Beginning, Establishment, Dreams

Systemic change projects - Beginning a project, an established project and  dreaming of a project. The afternoon of the Vincentian Family Gathering looked at systemic changes projects in various stages of development. DayhBreak, Macon GA - A beginning Systemic Change...

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