Preparing for the Future: Foundation Day

Crowdsourcing, besides helping in preparing for the future, helps your organization cast a wider net for ideas on how to further its mission. This is what one foundation has learned. They are looking for organizations that have crowdfunding as part of their...

Crowdfunding: Daughters of Charity Show the Way

Present in 94 countries, the 16,000 Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul are launching their solidarity crowdfunding platform on September 30 in Paris. Not known for their mastery of the latest technologies but rather for their concrete service to the poor, the...

ZAFEN celebrates 3 years, $1.6 million!

From the Zafen  Facebook page..."Zafèn is celebrating three years of entrepreneurial success and Global Crowdfunding Day. Since launching, Zafèn has surpassed expectations by raising $1.6 million for 300 entrepreneurs in 33 cities around the country and donating to...

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