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Saturday Study Hall – Congregation of the Mission

Jan. 25, 1617 marks the foundation of the Congregation of the Mission when Vincent preached the famous sermon at Folleville. It was not formally set up until  January 25, 1625. Initial impetus for foundation - Sermon at Folleville  Foundation Day Vincentian...

Garbage dump through the eyes of Garbage Pickers

Fast Company, a business magazine, offer these thoughts about Waste Land, an Oscar nominated documentary about an art world superstar and garbage pickers in one of the largest dumps in the world, that will change the way you think about chucking trash. (Stories about...

No doubt about the “International” in Depaul International

If you held any doubt about the international scope of Depaul International scan through these reports from the UK, Ukraine, Ireland, Philadelphia, Macon, Bratoislavia and innovative approaches to fund raising that included a trustee swimming to Alcatraz and a  1500...

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