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St. Vincent de Paul: Confronting Poverty With Creativity

As we approach his feast day, let us reflect on the profound heritage that St. Vincent de Paul has entrusted to us, so that we may respond creatively to present day problems as we walk with those living in poverty.

Saturday Study Hall – “Love creative unto infinity”

Within our Vincentian Family, we often cite the saying of St. Vincent: “Love is creative even to infinity” as a sort of rallying cry for adaptation.  But do we understand Vincent's use of the phrase? Robert Maloney CM writes... "Ordinarily, we use this citation to...

Louise de Marillac: a bold and creative woman

"In our search for this Louise we find very contradictory signs of her identity. We are able to view sketches that present us with the image of a sad widow, a complex mystic and a forward looking, bold advocate on behalf of the dignity of those who were oppressed. We...

Recycling Jewelry benefits SVDP Christmas appeal

A Sydney jewellery student decided to help St Vincent de Paul by creating new designs from old jewellery in "creatvie unto inifinityh project Vincent would be proud of. Sophia Davison, from Sydney’s College of Fine Arts (COFA) created five handmade, eco-friendly...

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