Vincentian Prayer Images: A Profile In Courage

The time a Daughter of Charity, Sr. Rosalie Rendu, stopped the fighting in the streets of Paris during the French Revolution.

Vincentian Prayer Images: Inconveniencing Ourselves In Serving the Poor

Do we have the generosity to inconvenience ourselves when serving the poor?

Vincentian Prayer Images: It Can Take Courage to Do Good!

Do we have the courage to face criticism for doing good?

Vincentian Prayer Images: It Took Courage For Mary To Say Yes!

It took courage for Mary to say Yes!

Courage to be humble

Courage to be humble

 "Do you have the courage to be humble?" is one of the questions Lynn L'Heureux raises in her weekly Vincentian Reflection. Then there is a question of whether hope is on your "A" list. And is it true that "Never" ruins progress? "Should be offer things up?" Do you...

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