Consecrated Life

A Sight For Sore Eyes

An environment of survival withers the hearts of our elderly, taking away their ability to dream. In this way, it cripples the prophecy that our young are called to proclaim and work to achieve.

Consecrated Life and Humanitarian Crisis of Migrants/Refugees in the 21st Century

100 people coming from various countries and religious congregations have joined together in Rome from 22nd to the 25th of February to reflect on the role of Consecrated Life in the humanitarian crisis of millions of migrant/refugee men and women in the world today....

Fr. Patrick Griffin – Be Happy

"Be Happy" is the theme of this week's reflection by Father Patrick Griffin in his series Considering Consecrated Life Although we have moved on culturally, liturgically we remain in the Christmas Season. In these next days, rarely will you or I wish someone a “Merry...

An Open Door Policy – Fr. Pat Griffin

“An Open Door Policy” Considering Consecrated Life:  The images and symbols surrounding the Holy Year of Mercy make my head swim with content and possibility.  When my brain slows down, three favored images emerge at this point in my reflection.  All of them have a...
“Forgetting who you are”

“Forgetting who you are”

With this reflection, Forgetting Who You Are - Pat Griffin CM continues his series "Considering Consecrated Life" Recently, a friend of mine said something which stuck in my mind. The guidance was not original or profoundly stated, but I heard its wisdom and warning...

“Forgetting who you are”

A Vincentian Vernacular

“A Vincentian Vernacular” Another reflection In Patrick Griffin's series "Considering Consecrated Life" For emphasis, we choose significant “years” to begin and end on certain dates. Thus, Pope Francis decided that the “Year of Consecrated Life,” would begin on the...

Take this ring!

Take this ring!

Tracy Kemme, soon to make her vows as a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati, shares a moving reflection that bridges a span of over 60 years. (Global Sisters Report) After Mass and breakfast at the Motherhouse one morning a few weeks ago, Sister Flo asked me to stop by...

Pat Griffin CM – A Free Spirit

Pat Griffin CM – A Free Spirit

And so, the Spirit is free. From the view of that Spirit, “liberal” and “conservative” must and do tend in the same direction. As persons consecrated by that divine presence, we pray for her outpouring in our lives and ministries as Pentecost comes upon us.