Each Approach Is Necessary

An image each Vincentian should consider! It is a simple image of people imperiled by a river flooding out of control. Read on to learn how a Franciscan uses that image to explore various approaches to saving people.

A Social Conscience: #IamVincent

A Vincentian has a deeply rooted social conscience that informs her actions. Vincent had that, too. Vincentian Father Greg Cooney writes: ...the call of conscience becomes a call to personal conversion, requiring a re-orientation of convictions and patterns of...

Vincentian Family examination of conscience for systemic change

Where does the rubber hit the road on systemic change?  - In a Vincentian Family examination of conscience on systemic change! At the end of a fine article collaboration is to dream together/ Javier Chento presents us with what amounts to an examination of conscience...

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