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Articles for Congregation of the Mission

A Daring Prudence – Systemic Change

“… create a Family that looks to the past for inspiration, but is also eager to create a vibrant innovative collaborative future in the service of the most abandoned.” Fr. Robert Maloney

Louise de Marillac and the Priests of the Mission

Louise reflected on what she came to know about the early Congregation of the Mission and, as she liked to do with the important events of her life, she put her reflections into writing. The relationship and collaboration between St. Louise, the Daughters of Charity,...

Contribution of Bishop John Timon, C.M. to Early U.S. Church and Society

April 16 is the anniversary of the death of Bishop John Timon, C.M., the first provincial superior of the American province of the Congregation of the Mission and one of the giants of the early U.S. Catholic Church. He  established and/or encouraged many charitable...

Ready and Able: A Vincentian Story

This documentary follows two newly ordained Vincentian Catholic priests during their first year of ministry.

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