Do You Remember 9/11… and 8/4?

The explosion on 8/4 will be seared into the minds of every person in Lebanon. Beirut, with its estimated 300,000 homeless is almost already forgotten in world media.

Living a Life That’s Conscious… and Compassionate

Living a conscious life is not enough. This smacks of an overly individualistic and psychologized approach to Christianity (and Vincentian spirituality) that ends in narcissism of popularized and minimized Buddhism.

Love and Compassion

I recently read a quote that struck me, “Love is choosing to serve someone and be with someone in spite of there [imperfections]. ” My time at Epiphany has been both challenging and rewarding; each day I am reminded of the power and beauty of love and compassion. The...

“I love humanity, it’s people I can’t stand” (C. Schultz, Peanuts)

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (B), July 19, 2015 – Jer 23, 1-6; Eph 2, 13-18; Mk 6, 30-34 He is our peace (Eph 2, 16) Jesus embodies the divine compassion that reconciles people. He expects those he has reconciled to reflect his compassion. God has seen enough. He...

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