Collective Impact

A Call to Collective Impact and Thorough Formation #famvin400

Systemic change has got a "big sister" called collective impact. You've read about it often on .famvin. And formation -- history and spirituality -- well, you know, it's just our thing! The Vincentian Family at Rome was privileged to hear Vincentian Fr. Dennis...

What Can Collective Impact Learn from Organizing?

Two strategies. One goal. Community Organizing. Collective Impact. Older folks will remember community organizing. Confrontational -- but it got things done. For the past ten years, the "collective impact" strategy has moved to the fore. But the two can learn from...

Systemic Change: Hot Right Now

Besides the weather, as a topic systemic change is equally hot right now.

Improving Recipes Over Time

Tynesia Boyea-Robinson writes: My Aunt Janice’s biscuits are legendary. They are fluffy, buttery and light. Whenever we visit her in Alabama, we stop by to gorge ourselves on these delectable treats. I recently had a hankering for the biscuits so I asked for the...
Firefighters and Electrical Engineers

Collective Impact: Three Basic Questions

by Mike Clark In providing services and programs to assist those in poverty, there are several basic questions we need to ask ourselves to determine whether or not what we are doing is making a difference. Namely: How much did we do? How well did we do it? Is anyone...

Firefighters and Electrical Engineers

Collective Impact in Systemic Change

by Mike Clark Is there an impact -- a collective impact - -that can be demonstrated in a systemic change initiative? The call to action for this year of Vincentian collaboration is “together in Christ, we Vincentians make a difference.” I believe we do make a...